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Financial Readiness Program

Financial Readiness Program

The Financial Readiness Program is your prime resource for information on personal financial management. Our accredited financial counselors can help you better understand financial topics included in our Financial Readiness Program Brochure.

Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP)
The Emergency Food Assistance Program provides short tearm basic food assistance for Service members, retirees, and Family members who are experiencing unexpected finanicial hardship. For more information on this program, please contact +1 (334)255-9631.


Other helpful financial readiness links include:

  • Thrift Savings Plan: A Federal Government-sponsored long-term retirement savings and investment plan, available for both Federal civilian employees and members of the uniformed services.
  • U.S. Savings Bonds: A shorter-term savings option with competitive interest rates and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States.
  • Military Saves: A component of the nonprofit America Saves and a partner in the Department of Defense’s Financial Readiness Campaign, Military Saves seeks to motivate, support, and encourage military Families to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth.
  • Money Matters: A mobile-optimized resource with calculators for savings, debt reduction and other reference material in one location.
  • Financial Literacy Game: A great way to learn about finances, integrating creativity, education and fun in a virtual world.
  • Housing Resources for Military Members: The National Military Family Association has compiled a great list of resources to help Military Families who are struggling with the pitfalls of the housing crisis.
  • Military OneSource: A Department of Defense-funded program that provides comprehensive information on every aspect of military life at no cost to active duty, National Guard, reserve members, and their Families.
  • Office of Servicemember Affairs: A component of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau helps to educate and empower military members, veterans, and their Families in the consumer financial marketplace.
  • FINRA Investor Education Foundation: Helps you make informed decisions through easy-to-use tools and resources, and arms you with the information you need to protect yourself from investment fraud.
  • Better Business Bureau Military Line: Provides specialized education and support services, which meets the needs of active and retired military personnel and their Families. 
  • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Office of Investor Education and Advocacy provides this online resource to provide tools and knowledge to help make  sound investment decisions and avoid fraud.
  • Fund Analyzer by FINRA: The Fund Analyzer helps compare more than 30,000 mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, exchange-traded notes and money market funds; to include showing how fees and expenses impact the value of the fund over time.

Financial Literacy Milestone Training

Soldiers experience multiple milestones within their military career which in turn impacts their financial strategies to achieve success in reaching their life goals. To ensure Soldiers receive the necessary education and resources to make important financial decisions common military training has been established for when a Soldier reaches these personal or professional touch points: 

  • Initial Entry Training
  • First Duty Station
  • Permanent Change of Station
  • Promotion
  • Vesting in Thrift Savings Plan
  • Continuation Pay
  • Marriage
  • Birth of First Child
  • Divorce
  • Disabling Condition/Sickness
  • Leadership
  • Pre/Post Deployment
  • Transition


The training is provided by Accredited Financial Counselors at Army Community Service or can be completed through the Army Family Web Portal.  (if the following URL could be linked to the title Army Family Web Portal: )


Soldier’s certificates of completion are uploaded to their individual training record in the Digital Training Management System (DTMS).


Individual Financial Counseling

Individuals may request individual financial counseling or be referred by leadership. Soldiers, Family members, and others desiring to discuss their financial concerns with a financial counselor may contact the FRP to schedule an appointment.

Credit History (reports) and credit scores (FICO) The FRP will assist Soldiers, Family members, and others to obtain and understand their individual credit report and credit score. Options and recommendations will be provided to help with adverse entries and increase credit scores.

Fort Rucker Military Financial Workbook (Microsoft Excel)

Unit Financial Readiness Training

Personal Financial Readiness Training at the unit’s location will be provided as requested by leadership. Classes will be used as part of the Soldier’s unit training. These presentations may be presented at the Soldier’s unit or at other appropriate locations. Leadership may contact the FRP Manager to discuss, coordinate, and/or schedule these presentations.

Learn about other Financial Services

We can also help you learn about other financial services, including:

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