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Hunting and Fishing

Fort Rucker Lakes

Fort Rucker has several excellent lakes and ponds for fishing. Come try your luck with hybrid bass, catfish, crappie or bream and see if you’ll catch The Big One! State Fishing License and Post Fishing Permits are required for ages 16 and older.

  • Lake Tholocco – 676.8-acre lake located on Johnston Road; fishing open to all ages
  • Beaver Lake – 7.7-acre lake located off of 3rd Avenue by Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Center; fishing open to all ages, open sunup til sundown
  • Beaver Pond – small fishing pond located off of Andrews Avenue near Ozark Gate, open sunup til sundown
  • Buckhorn Lake – 13.2-acre lake located 2 miles past Silver Wings Golf Course on Hatch Road; fishing open to all ages, open sunup til sundown, but subject to closures (please contact Outdoor Recreation for weekly schedule)
  • Ech Lake – 7.7-acre lake located off of Johnston Road; fishing open to all ages, open sunup til sundown, but subject to closures (please contact Outdoor Recreation for weekly schedule)
  • Parcours Lake – 4.1-acre lake located on Farrel Road, behind Lyster Army Health Clinic; reserved for youth fishing for ages 15 and below (ages 16 and above may assist youth fishing activities, but cannot actively fish at this lake)
Boat Launches & Boating Safety Course

Boat Launches

There are 3 boat launch ramps on Lake Tholocco:

  1. West Beach Marina
  2. East Beach
  3. Engineer Beach RV Campground.

The daily fee to launch your vessel is $3*, paid at the ramp. Monthly passes are available for $15* and Annual passes are available for $50* at the Outdoor Recreation Pro Shop office.

Boating Safety Course

Please visit the Outdoor Recreation office to take the boating safety course. 

*Prices are subject to change

Rules and Regulations

Hunting and Fishing on Fort Rucker requires that individuals ages 16 and older have an Alabama State License.

To purchase an Alabama State License at the Alabama state resident price, military personnel are required to provide a copy of orders of assignment to Alabama, along with their military identification card, driver’s license, and hunter safety education card. Without an Alabama driver license or copy of orders of assignment to Alabama, patron will be subjected to non-resident prices.

Alabama residents over the age of 65 are not required to have an Alabama State License, but must have a Fort Rucker Post Permit. Youth ages 15 and younger do not need a State License or a Post Permit.

Important Notice: It is against State Law to hunt turkey by means of bait. During the entire Turkey Season our hog trapping endeavors will continue. If you are Turkey Hunting and come across a baited hog trap, leave the area. If you are caught hunting around or near a baited hog trap you will be charged with Hunting By Means of Bait and your Hunting Permit Revoked.

Please see the Fort Rucker Reg 215-1 for regulations concerning Hunting and Fishing on Fort Rucker.


Weapons Registration Form

Fort Rucker Hunter’s Pledge

Additional Hunter Safety Tips

State Fishing and Hunting Licenses and Post Permits

State Fishing and Hunting Licenses and Post Permits expire on August 31 and must be renewed annually.

Military Personnel and their dependents stationed  at Fort Rucker must bring in a copy of their Military Orders, along with Military ID, and Driver’s License to receive the Resident Rate for license fees.

Fort Rucker Post Fishing Permits

  • E4 & below, including Retirees
  • E5 & above, including Military Dependents, Retirees & DoD Personnel
  • Civilians
  • Seniors ages 65 & up, Individuals with Disabilities
  • Veterans and individuals with disabilities must visit their local County Court House to purchase either a Specialty License or a Veterans Fishing License.

Fort Rucker Post Hunting Permits

  • E4 & below, including Retirees
  • E5 & above, including Military Dependents, Retirees & DoD Personnel
  • Civilians, including Individuals with Disabilities
  • Seniors ages 65 & up

Alabama Fishing Licenses

  • Resident Freshwater
  • Resident Saltwater
  • Resident Saltwater 7-Day Trip
  • Non-Resident (Annual)
  • Non-Resident 7-Day Trip
  • Non-Resident Saltwater (Annual)
  • Non-Resident Saltwater 7-Day Trip

Alabama Hunting Licenses

  • Resident All Game
  • Resident Small Game
  • Wildlife Heritage
  • Duck Stamp State
  • Duck Stamp Federal
  • Wildlife Management Area
  • Non-Resident All Game
  • Non-Resident All Game 10-Day Trip
  • Non-Resident All Game 3-Day Trip
  • Non-Resident Small Game
  • Non-Resident Small Game 10-Day Trip
  • Non-Resident Small Game 3-Day Trip
Hunting Area Status and Map

 * Effective immediately, Hunters are advised that there will be camouflaged hunters in hunting areas. Turkey hunters must be aware that hog hunters may share the same hunting areas. All hunters are asked to identify the game they will be hunting on their dashboard identification card. *


Training area statuses are based on project requests, which are subject to change. Verification of training area utilization can be confirmed daily through the recorded brief by calling +1 (334)255-4086. For more information on hunting at Fort Rucker, call +1 (334)255-4305.

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  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Hours:
    Reservations are required for pavilions and boat rentals. Boat ramps and fishing open. Swim area is closed, opening June 19th.
    Federal Holiday Hours (Unless otherwise posted)
    Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year's Day


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