Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Quality of Life Submission

Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Quality of Life Submission

Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) - Soldier Service Center Building 5700, Room 177 Fort Rucker Google Map

Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) is held annually to discuss issues submitted by community representatives to include Soldiers, spouses, retirees, and civilians. Army Community Service will host the AFAP Focus Group Forum on November 7-8 at Wings Chapel. The Army Family Action Plan Focus Groups provide a process to address issues and provide solutions in support of the highest quality of community life for Soldiers and their Families. AR 608-47 states that the AFAP is a grassroots process starting at the installation level with a community forum. The purpose of the AFAP forum is to provide a process for the discussion and resolution of issues of concern, and to alert the Command of issues affecting the well-being of the Fort Rucker community. The AFAP forum provides a process to identify issues that can be resolved at the local level and forward issues to higher headquarters if necessary. Delegates and participants will be requested from Directorates, Brigades, Tenant Activities and Units at Fort Rucker. Training for delegates will be held on October 18 from 0900-1130; backup training will be October 25 from 1300-1530. Training for FRTI participants will be on October 19 from 0900-1130; backup training will be October 26 from 1300-1530. Trainings will be conducted by Army Community Service. If you have issues you would like to submit, AFAP Submission Boxes are located around the installation where you can drop off issues. You can also contact the AFAP Coordinator, submit online at, or fill out the survey form below. Sponsored by Corvias. For additional information, please contact Army Community Service AFAP at +1 (334)255-1429. (sponsorship does not imply Army endorsement)


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Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) wants you to share your issues! This grass roots community program helps resolve issues that impact Soldiers and their Families, Civilians and Survivors.

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