Hunting Incentive

Date: May 1 2020 - Aug 31 2020

Hunting and Fishing - Outdoor Recreation Service Center Bldg 24235 Fort Rucker 36362 Google Map

Fort Rucker Outdoor Recreation is offering a Hunting Incentive event to help control the coyote and feral pig population. A special Hunting Incentive will run from May 1 through August 31. The first five registered hunters who dispatch two coyotes or five hogs and bring them in to Outdoor Recreation will receive a free Fort Rucker Post Hunting Permit for the 2020-2021 hunting season.

Hunters must possess a valid Alabama state hunting license, Fort Rucker hunting permit and a hunter education completion card. Hunters also must be a registered participant of the "Hunting Incentive Program". All dispatched animals must be brought to Outdoor Recreation or the Fort Rucker Game Warden during business hours. An individual record will be created for each hunter at the time they bring in their dispatched animal(s). Additionally, the hunter will be asked to remove the animal's tail so it cannot be claimed by another hunter.

Hunters may email pictures after hours to Outdoor Recreation with the hunter and the dispatched animal in front of one of the weigh stations. Hunters on post are required to have an Alabama State Hunting License, a post hunting Permit and must have completed the hunter’s education course. Hunting on Fort Rucker is open to the public.

For more information contact Fort Rucker Outdoor Recreation at (334) 255-4305.